Don Bosco’s vision
on the youth
is shared worldwide.

What is at stake on the “Don Bosco International Campus” label is to strengthen the synergy of our network. This dynamics combines a rich variety of Salesian centres which are committed to projects and initiatives. This is a ground for bold teaching ideas as Don Bosco did in his time. This is a response to real national, international or regional needs.

Thanks to Salesian network international dimension, we can develop ties with other schools all over the world as to enhance a better attractiveness for each school. This synergy is a key element to strengthen closer cooperation between companies and vocational disciplines.

Eventually, the international status of Don Bosco Campus encourages pooling resources which will allow us to develop tangible initiatives with our youth. This is an emergency for “an education which will combine environment and mankind” (1)

(1) Laudato Si’ Pope Francis’s encyclical, chapiter VI.

Les salésiens de Don Bosco dans le monde, aujourd’hui

Don Bosco’s vision
on the youth
is shared worldwide.

Increasing commitment within Don Bosco International Campus.

The Don Bosco International Campus centre will encourage:

  • actions and projects development in order to ensure young people a better international opening,
  • live or long-distance exchanges, Erasmus+ projects implementation,
  • International solidarity actions,
  • Internships within the Salesian global network,
  • Meetings for teaching and educational staff.

At the same time, pooling within the national and international Salesian networks will encourage:

  • a better development for youngsters within vocational training and apprenticeship,
  • the development of a shared quality approach,
  • networking at regional, national and international levels.

Global emergency commitments

Don Bosco International Campus approach aims to stimulate Salesian centres to have a common debate on some current major issues, the “Citizenship Challenge”, “to create an environment that is safe and caring for all life on the planet while building up a new generation of environmentally committed citizens and leaders”(2).

A pedagogy based on confidence

Committing to closer collaboration within the Salesian network will lead to a more confident, hopeful and collaborative pedagogy.

By enhancing gatherings and pooling meetings with other Salesian centres within the Don Bosco International Campus, Maisons Don Bosco centres will strengthen their collaboration with young people. Therefore, they will be able to accompany them to know themselves better and to improve their self-confidence in order to share a confident perspective over our world and our era, whatever challenges need to be faced.